Gum Drop

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These days, everyone is into repurposing. This is great for you, because someone didn’t want puppies Gum Drop and Bumblebee and dumped them. Their trash is your treasure! Individually or as a pair, these precious Chihuahua mix puppies will compliment any lifestyle or living situation! Whether you’re feeling sweet as a Gum Drop or feisty as a Bumblebee, you know you’ll want one of these puppies!
- Gum Drop will be a great buddy, and is at the perfect age to begin training!
- Be ready with food, bedding, toys and a crate!
- Have a veterinarian and flea and heartworm prevention.
- Be prepared to get a lot of puppy love and affection!
Chihuahua mixed breed puppies are popular because they are small and offer great companionship! Easily portable, Gum Drop will be able to go with you when you go out! Meet Gum Drop and her sister. Maybe you’ll need two puppies in your life!